The Cartagena Dialogue – organized by four governments and four civil society organizations, with the participation of 79 official and non-governmental delegates from three continents – was designed to strengthen the UNGASS 2016 process by identifying key ideas that help to review drug policies and by making steps to coordinate inter-regional efforts on the preparation, negotiation of the Outcome Document and on the UNGASS itself in April 2016.

This is not an official document of the Governments, civil society organizations and participants. Nor is it a formal minute or summary of each of the interventions. It is a rapporteur´s report which starts from the rules under which the Dialogue sessions were held as an informal and confidential event. These rules authorized the collection of information and positions expressed, without referring to the identity or affiliation of the person who proposed one or another position.

The report is organized into four central themes: participants, objectives and methodology; Plenaries: visions on the progress of the preparations for UNGASS 2016; common specific proposals of the Working Groups; and coordinated steps to provide concrete outcomes.

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