Since 2010, Forum Droghe has been developing a project aimed at evaluating the anti drug legislation, approved by the Parliament in 2006, under the Berlusconi government (the so called Fini-Giovanardi legislation). During the years, several more Italian NGOs have joined the initiative.

The 2006 anti-drug legislation was abolished by by the Constitutional Court’s ruling in February 2014. Consequently, the previous 1990 legislation, as amended by the 1993 popular referendum, has been restored. The Fifth White Book provides a final evaluation on the consequences on prisons’ overcrowding of the harsh legislation approved in 2006 under the Berlusconi’s government.

Therefore, it offers a valuable and necessary assessment in order to develop a systematic reform of the anti-drug legislation.

Data in the Fifth White Book has been directly collected from the Ministry of Home Affairs (Ministero degli Interni) and the Department of Prisons Administration (Dipartimento Amministrazione Penitenziaria).

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