“Steps” is a grass-roots non-profit organisation, founded in 2016 in Athens, by Tassos Smetopoulos -peer ex-user of psychoactive drug substances- aiming at the creation of a solidarity circle to integrate and support our fellow street-connected citizens. Through street-work we approach, without discrimination, vulnerable groups of people who experience social exclusion and mostly street-connected drug users. Through our constant presence on the streets of the city, observation and active hearing we build relationships of trust and work towards a harm reduction perspective (providing safe use kits, used syringe collection, flyers for safe injection site and overdose, first aid services and useful information on legal, health and other issues of their interest). Alongside, a major target is to motivate them towards the vindication of their lives, starting from contributing in syringe collection -implementing awareness on their and their neighbours’ health- and continuing with participation to “One Stop” action. In “One Stop” more services (laundry, art workshops, food, healthcare, library, music) are provided in cooperation with other solidarity groups and organisations in an open-air, free access space. Despite the blear legal framework of Greece around syringe sharing/collection (risk to be accused for the promotion of injection drug use and illegal syringe trafficking), from February to August 2018, 2262 kits were provided and 2249 used syringes were collected from the people and the street (being the only ones in the field in Greece).

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