Policing and vulnerability in Africa - Advanced human rights course,

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Policing and vulnerability in Africa - Advanced human rights course,

5 September 2022

By the African Policing Civilian Oversight Forum (APCOF), the Centre for Law Enforcement and Public Health Limited (CLEPH), and the Centre for Human Rights - University of Pretoria

The aim of the course is to provide insight into the impact that police can have on the enjoyment of human rights by a wide variety of populations. This can include those who confront discrimination within many societies, on the basis of sex or gender identity, on the basis of disability or of xenophobia. It can also include those who are in some other way marginalised, because of economic or social conditions, or because of drug use or sex work.

This programme will also move beyond a purely human rights and criminal justice approach toward questions of protection in these contexts, exploring the potentially valuable contribution to be made by public-health or developmental approaches. Sometimes it is necessary for the criminal justice system to get out of the way (for example through the decriminalisation of petty offences), but police officers cannot be expected to have all of the solutions.

The objective of the course is to contribute toward building a community of practitioners on the continent who can become active advocates for increased accountability of the police, and who are skilled to identify and act in terms of overseeing the actions of the police. Training is provided to police officers, legal practitioners, policy-makers, and graduate students.

On Wednesday, 7 September 2022, IDPC's Maria-Goretti Loglo will intervene in this course with a presentation entitled 'Policing drug use'.

For more information about the Advanced Human Rights Course on Policing and Vulnerability in Africa, presented by the Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria, please contact dennis.antwi@up.ac.za

Start4 September 2022
End8 September 2022