The war on drugs has failed – drug related deaths in many countries are at record levels, and the global drug market continues to increase in size. Without the burden of ideology framing its aims in terms of a moral impetus, any other field of public policy similarly marred by failure would be swiftly overhauled. Propagation of punitive drug policy may be driven directly by policymakers, or indirectly by the electorate as politicians try to avoid being seen as being ‘soft on drugs’.

The session will start with the launch and partial screening of the short film Putting UK Drug Policy into Focus, produced by public health physician, Dr Adam Holland, which highlights the problems with UK drug policy as an example of a criminal justice approach to drugs. The film features contributions from UK and international experts.

Following this we will be joined by panellists who have experience engaging with policymakers and the public to discuss previous challenges and how best to move forward in the future with an opportunity for attendees to pose questions.

Dr Adam Holland and Dr Emily Crick (University of Bristol)

Professor David Nutt – Imperial College London
Ann Fordham – International Drug Policy Consortium
Dr Magdalena Harris – London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Neil Woods – Law Enforcement Action Partnership
Dr Nuno Capaz – Lisbon Dissuasion Commission
Dr Prun Bijral – Change Grow Live

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