Different approaches for decriminalisation – what works?

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Different approaches for decriminalisation – what works?

22 October 2020

Organised by EHRA

Many countries started slowly to adopt alternatives to punishment, abolishing criminal sanctions for use and possession of psychoactive substances and replacing them with the administrative measures, such as fine, compulsory or voluntary treatment and other social interventions. However, not in all cases these alternatives brought positive outcomes for people who use psychoactive substances and society at large.

Thus, we need to review new approaches or update old ones, to ensure that measures adopted by the state are proportionate and in line with human rights.

Jamie Bridge, IDPC

Global Commission on Drug Policy (Pavel Bem)
Kyrgyzstan (Erkinbek Iriskulbekov)
Germany (Alexandra Gurinova, Deutsche AIDS Hilfe)
The Netherlands (Machteld Buch, Mainline)
Estonia (Mart Kalvet, LUNEST)
Lithuania (Eliza Kurcevic, EHRA)
UNODC (Zhannat Kosmukhamedova)

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Date5 November 2020


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