LEAP UK’s Stop and Search Podcast presents this rare opportunity to delve in Southeast Asia and The Philippines; how much do we really know about President Duterte and his all out ‘war on drugs’? How do the organised crime networks of the region interact and impact civilians? Join our esteemed panel to discuss:  

Jonathan Miller is the award winning journalist and the Asia correspondent for Channel 4 news. Author of ‘Duterte Harry’, a disrobing profile of The Philippines president who has hit the headlines for ordering extrajudicial killings of those suspected of drug dealing, Jonathan’s book is a rare insight into this polarising president.

Livvy Haydock is a documentary producer, presenter and journalist who has been seen on the BBC, Panorama, and Channel 4. Livvy’s film ‘The Deadliest Place to Deal’ is an eye-opening documentary on what actually takes place on the streets of The Philippines under President Duterte’s rule.

Avinash Tharoor is the Policy and Communications Officer for Release, a drugs and human rights charity based in London and founded in 1967. Avinash is also the editor of TalkingDrugs, an online publication where he has written about the Philippines and President Duterte's quite literal 'war on drugs'.