Harm Reduction Academy is a global learning, dialogue and skills building course established with the vision to end AIDS and Hepatitis C among people who inject drugs.

Inspired by the successes in response to HIV epidemic in some of the most challenging settings, contrasted by the emergence of injecting use-driven epidemic in new settings, the course combines decades of practical experience and most recent developments in effective and impactful responses.

We have formed a partnership of leading program developers and lecturers, individuals from inside the drug using community, clinical experts to conduct a practical learning course on harm reduction – Harm Reduction Academy – in diverse drug using contexts and response modalities.

Over the course of six months, three exciting weeks will be dedicated to lecture hours, combined with practical field visits to three countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. Module one on Harm reduction: principles, components, services will take place in Kyiv, Ukraine from 19 - 23 March. Module two on evidence based programming will be in Mombasa, Kenya from 21 - 25 May while the final module on policy environment, resource mobilization, advocacy, community mobilization and empowerment will be in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from 9 - 13 July.