Do we listen to experts? Do we lack evidence in our policy making? Join LEAP UK for the Stop and Search podcast as they take a look at the interplay between politics and science - with guests:

  • Professor David Nutt - as a senior adviser to the Government, Professor Nutt was sacked in a high profile case. Professor Nutt went on to found the Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs
  • Chris Coltrane - comedian and satirist, Chris hosts the monthly Lolitics podcast where he and his guests dissect politics quirky
  • Elle Wadsworth – Elle is a Research Assistant in the Addictions Department at King’s College London. Elle and her co-hosts produce a podcast called What’s the Crack

Come along and bring your questions and opinions. Does science need to play a bigger part in policy making? Are we officially afraid and distrusting of experts?

This is a live recording for the Distraction Pieces Network's Stop and Search, produced in association with LEAP UK

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