By Distraction Pieces Podcast Network - in association with LEAP UK

The guests include:

  • Norman Lamb MP - Norman is a former minister in the coalition government and is a senior Lib Dem MP who has long championed evidence-based policy making - and consequently drug law reform
  • Joe Wells – Joe is a comedian and left-leaning social commentator. Joe is firmly on the fence with regards to our drug laws and will provide the voice of the contemplative layman. Hosting his own political podcast called Think Tank, Joe is a regular in the political comedy scene

And of course from LEAP UK, the regular host Jason Reed and regular pundit and former undercover drugs cop Neil Woods.

So what’s on the search warrant this month?

Well, the Liberal Democrats have firmly put the nailed their colours to the mast and have been the first UK political party to manifesto the issue of a regulated cannabis market under the guidance and recommendation of an expert panel. It’s about time we delved into this and strip back what this means for the UK, and take a peek behind the Westminster curtain while we're at it.

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