National Conference of Harm Reduction: from public health to social justice


National Conference of Harm Reduction: from public health to social justice

10 June 2012

Harm Reduction Coalition’s biannual national harm reduction conference is the only multidisciplinary gathering dedicated to improving the health and well-being of people who use drugs or have a history of drug use.

This conference brings together over 1000 diverse individuals including: front-line staff, drug users, medical professionals, researchers, sex workers, policy-makers, HIV/AIDS & hepatitis service providers, activists & advocates, youth, formerly incarcerated individuals and other community members from around the country and the world. Educational workshops, panel sessions and plenaries aim to address the many critical issues affecting the drug user community including overdose, HIV, hepatitis, incarceration and stigma, while also promoting a space for vital networking and sharing.

Driven by abstracts submitted by our diverse group of participants representing every facet of harm reduction, the conference agenda is rich in best practices, innovative service models, new treatments, and groundbreaking research. Some of the event highlights include:

  • User-to-user Interventions, Education, Organizing and Advocacy
  • Practical Interventions with Methamphetamine and Crack Cocaine users
  • Harm Reduction and Recovery
  • New Research on Drug Use, OST, Overdose, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and Syringe Access
  • Understanding and Challenging Drug User Stigma
  • Global Harm Reduction Efforts
  • Strategies for Programs Working with LGBTQ
  • Harm Reduction and Sex Work
  • Criminal Justice Involvement and its Impact on Communities of Color
  • Spanish Language Sessions

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