Manila, Philippines - A day after she was stripped of her post as head of the Philippines' anti-drugs council, Vice President Leni Robredo came out fighting.

"They may have taken away my position but they cannot take away my determination to stop the killings, hold the responsible to account and win the campaign against illegal drugs," Robredo told the media.

"If they think this is the end, they don't know me very well. I am just beginning," she added.

Robredo said she plans to reveal her findings from the 19 days she spent as one of two people leading ICAD, the inter-agency committee managing and coordinating the government's centrepiece policy to crack down on illegal drugs.

"When I took on this post, I asked, 'Are you ready for me?' Now, my question is, 'What are you afraid I will find out? What are you afraid the people will know?'"