The UK Government has made it clear it will not change its drugs policy – regardless of the evidence. Regardless of the record numbers of people dying as a result.

Pressed by a growing, and principled, cross-party group of MPs to change direction, Theresa May just says she wants more War on Drugs, while the Home Secretary says her strategy aims to deliver a 'drug free-society'. Basing policy on a Nixon-like goal that is so clearly unachievable just shows the UK government approach is about ideological posturing. Not helping the vulnerable, or the communities we all live in.

This was underlined in the Parliamentary Debate on Safer Drug Consumption Rooms (DCRs) led by the SNP MP Ronnie Cowan last week. Speaker after speaker laid out the in-depth evidence of their effectiveness from decades of experience world-wide, backed by the most sober and respected organisation and health bodies.

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