Sign the AVAAZ petition.

All drug users need to have a secure, quiet place for safe use instead of shooting up in the streets and getting chased by police and citizens who often throw their substances and leave them sick. They need sterilised injecting material in order to stop sharing syringes and taking the risk of getting infected. They urgently need doctors to intervene in case of an overdose or any other emergency which would cause an inevitable death in the streets of a city that ambulances rarely hurry up when they hear the call has to do with a 'junkie'.

They need equal health services to any other human being who has the right to get medical care, especially when their veins are clogged, their circulation is in a terrible shape, they have even suffered an amputation or they are in some other pathological condition that needs to be immediately checked. Drug users who, in their majority, are homeless due to the turmoil of the Greek crisis, only ask a room to rest for some minutes and use their substance with care, relieved from any harm.

Drug users need to be treated with respect to their needs because they really experience a harsh life. They also have families like you and people who share the pain and hope for them to stay safe and alive. This is the spirit of Harm Reduction, believe in it because it's worth it, it really reduces the harm these people are exposed to.

Vote for ODYSSEAS to give them the standard of a safer life and also the information on the benefits of substitution.

Whatever the case is, always remember: Support, don't punish! 40 years of punishment was a complete failure.

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