Latin American countries continue to demonstrate courage and vision regarding drug policy. The latest improvements are taking place at the National House of Representatives, where two bills (See the two bills here: 9471-11 & 9496) are being debated at the Health and Public Security committees. On the latest developments, the Health Committee agreed to mix the two bills into one in order to better channel the debate. These bills aim to legalize the growth of cannabis when its intended to be used for medicinal purposes together with the depenalization of  its use, not only for medicinal purposes but also for recreational ones.

It is important to note that while personal drug use is allowed in Chile, a series of limitations present in the current law, make it almost impossible, generating a series of negative externalities and the eventual criminalization of users. Other debates that have taken place at Congress, have to do with possession, the amounts of drugs that a person should be allowed to carry for personal use.

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