A government-appointed task force is recommending the decriminalisation of marijuana in this Overseas British Territory and that the Government should take "immediate action to enable access to medical cannabis with a prescription".

The Cannabis Reform Collaborative (CRC) in its 137-page report notes that the current drug policy is wasting money and resources and harming people's lives since career options become limited once a criminal record is established. It said cannabis prohibition is not working.

National Security Minister Michael Dunkley tabled the report in the Parliament last Friday and among the recommendations are the introduction of a less punitive warning system, an end to racial profiling in the legal system, increasing the legal age for alcohol consumption to 21, and increased spending on cannabis education and prevention.

Caribbean countries have been discussing the idea of decriminalising marijuana for medicinal purposes and a report on the issue is being tabled at the July summit of regional leaders in Antigua.

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