At the end of each calendar year, Youth RISE brings together a new group of young harm reduction and drug policy activists, drug users and young people affected by drug policy from around the world to join our International Working Group (IWG). The IWG play a vital role in the work of Youth RISE delivering vital elements of organisations work to ensure Youth RISE is effectively representing young people who use drugs and that the organisation is communicating the needs of young people who use drugs from around the world.

The IWG members, along with the coordinators, take major decisions regarding work plans, advocacy, and strategic planning for the network. The IWG also provide regional representation, experience, guidance and support to Youth RISE enabling it to achieve its goals as well as helping develop the infrastructure needed for the sustainability of the Youth RISE network.

If you would like to be an IWG member for 2014, please read the the terms of reference carefully and see if the role is suited to you.

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