Last week, international drug policy experts gathered in the Mexican Parliament (Cámara de Diputados) to reopen the debate during the international seminar: Regulation and Legislation: New focuses in Drug Policy. 

Organized by the Fredrich Ebert Foundation (FES) and the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), invited guests included Eduardo Vergara from Asuntos del Sur in Chile, Ricardo Vargas from TNI in Colombia, and Jose Carlos Campero from Beta Gama Consulting in Bolivia. 

During the day-long seminar, experts discussed potential reforms, regulatory models and drug policy alternatives.  Jorge Hernandez Tinajero from CuPIHD presented on the current illegal drug market in Mexico City and possible reforms such as cannabis social clubs, while Laura Blanco from the Association of Cannabis Studies in Uruguay (AECU) discussed the current marijuana reform being proposed within the Uruguayan government.  Federal MP Fernando Belaunzaran convened the seminar in anticipation of the introduction of his proposed law to regulate marijuana in Mexico.  Further seminars will be held during summer 2013 to raise awareness within the Parliament and increase public support for the initiative.

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