In its Concluding Observations on Colombia, Mauritius and Kazakhstan, the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR) released its most progressive statements so far on harm reduction and alternative development.

Regarding Mauritius, the CESCR calls for the decriminalisation of buprenorphine, lifting age restrictions for access to OST, the design of youth-focused harm reduction services, making hepatitis C treatment freely available to all injecting drug users, etc. Read the Concluding Observations.

With regards to Colombia, the CESCR refers to alternative sustainable development for the first time, and raises concerns about fumigation. It also establishes a clear connection between issues of development and corruption. Read the Concluding Observations.

In comparison, the Concluding Observations on Kazakhstan are more timid, the CESCR limiting itself to recommending to scale up methadone to all in need. Read the Concluding Observations.