Building power to Black health & wellness

Black Harm Reduction Network


Building power to Black health & wellness

10 October 2023
Black Harm Reduction Network
Tracie Gardner
Victoria Palacio Carr
Deborah Reid

Rooted in extensive collaboration with network partners and decades of experience from leaders and individuals with firsthand knowledge of harm reduction, this toolkit includes guidance highlighting the pressing issues related to overdose within Black communities. Moreover, the toolkit underscores the importance of aligning harm reduction efforts with community values, emphasizing the crucial role of location and advocacy in raising awareness, and garnering support for harm reduction initiatives. Its contents include:

  • An introduction to the Black Harm Reduction Network
  • A foundational overview of harm reduction principles
  • A breakdown of significant priorities for Black harm reductionists
  • An exploration of the necessity for harm reduction in Black communities
  • Insights into the importance of using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mapping to propel a Black harm reduction agenda
  • Guidance on advocacy efforts to champion harm reduction within Black communities

This toolkit is a testament to the commitment of Black harm reductionists and aims to empower communities while embracing a harm reduction approach.