2nd Brandenburg Forum in Geneva (1st-2nd June 2022): Aligning drug policies with human rights
Meeting report

The second Brandenburg Forum in Geneva took place on the 1st and 2nd June 2022, bringing together a broad range of member state representatives, civil society members, and UN officials and human rights experts, to discuss challenges and opportunities for aligning drug policy and human rights across the UN system.

After two days of debates, participants were invited to identify their priorities for action on mobilising the UN system to align global drug policies with human rights. After a voting exercise, the winning activities were:

Top-voted priorities for action in Geneva:

  • Present a resolution in the Human Rights Council during the March 2023 session (25 votes)
  • Establish an informal group of countries and civil society organizations to work on drugs and human rights in Geneva, and strengthen coordination with Vienna, as well as fostering dialogue with special procedures mandate holders (Clear leadership needed!)  (23 votes)

Top-voted priority for action in Vienna: 

  • Use the 2022 CND inter-sessional meeting in September to establish a (Brandenburg) group of friends to better coordinate and formulate a clear strategy for mainstreaming human rights and drug policy into Vienna, as well as to help assure better coherence with Geneva

This meeting report summarises the key debates and interventions in the forum, and provides an account of the voting and prioritisation exercise.