Synthetic cannabinoids are largely unresearched substances. There is hardly any precise information available on their effects, risks, reciprocal effects with other substances or long-term consequences. The risk of overdose with strong intoxication is generally very high with synthetic cannabinoids. This risk increases significantly through incorrect declarations made at the time of sale.

Synthetic cannabinoids are not visually recognisable, nor in terms of taste; only a complex analysis, such as those undertaken by a drug checking process, provides information about the actual substances at hand. If cannabis users do not have the possibility to use drug checking services, they can use a CBD Quick Test. While the result of a CBD Quick Test is not comparable to a drug checking result from a laboratory , it can be applied inexpensively and easily at home.

A CBD Quick Test allows cannabis users to determine whether their product is CBD cannabis (less than 1% THC content) or THC cannabis (more than 1% cannabis).