By the International Network of People who Use Drugs (INPUD)

"We live in a very difficult time in human history with many uncertainties and complex problems. The systemic human rights abuses faced by illicit drug users is one problem that can actually be fixed with the rescinding of the global UN conventions that legitimise and perpetuate the “war on people who use drugs.” INPUD is playing a crucial role in making the case for an end to the failed global policy of prohibition and there is much work to be proud of that you can see in this document.

INPUD’s presence in global advocacy forums is especially important. INPUD provides a global voice for a community that has struggled in the face of adversity and oppression to gain access to basic respect let alone access to harm reduction services. The time has come for those who know that prohibition is tantamount to genocide to speak up and help INPUD, user organisations and drug users all around the world. 

I especially wish to recommend that people watch the 10 part documentary series “Taking Back What’s Ours! An Oral History of the Movement of People Who Use Drugs”. Throughout the world drug user led advocacy has become a crucial part of the struggle to protect and defend the health and human rights of the drug using community."

- Geoff Ward, INPUD Vice-Chair

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