By ReLeaf

The 8 point proposal

  1. The right to personal cultivation and consumption of all parts of the cannabis plant by adults in the privacy of their own home
  2. The establishment, control and regulation of the Maltese cannabis market by the Government of Malta by not later than 31 December 2020
  3. The removal of all punitive and criminal laws for cannabis consumers in Malta and the right to consume cannabis in designated public spaces
  4. The possibility for Maltese citizens to partake in a legal and regulated cannabis market, including also Hemp
  5. Introduce preferential access schemes to ensure local farmers have access and reap benefits from the emerging cannabis market
  6. Include amnesty and expungement of criminal records for non-violent cannabis convictions, and through a social equity program ensure their participation in the legalised and regulated cannabis market
  7. Promote holistic harm reduction tools and encourage a more open dialogue with cannabis consumers
  8. The creation of a national cannabis seed bank, protection of newly created local hybrids and promotion of a sustainable and environmentally conscious cannabis market

A legalised and regulated market should place the well-being of cannabis users at the helm of every decision. It is imperative that cannabis consumers are consulted and included at all levels of the discussion. A functional cannabis market needs to ensure it promotes public health without introducing an invasive and over-regulated scenario incapable of competing with and effectively eradicating the illegal market. Therefore, the type of cannabis strains available, pricing and accessibility need to reflect local and regional trends, whilst the highest standard of privacy and protection of personal rights need to match those of already established markets in Europe and around the world.