The drug use landscape is dynamic and changing. Changes in public attitudes and laws towards drug use have occurred in an increasing number of countries. Global drug production and consumption are increasing as are the risks and harms to health, while new substances continue to emerge. This Series focuses on opioids, cannabinoids, stimulants, and new psychoactive substances. The Series authors review the evidence on the epidemiology of drug use and related harms and interventions (treatment and policies) to address them. They highlight issues that are likely to become increasingly important in the next decade.

Table of contents


The global drug problem: change but not progression
Pamela Das, Richard Horton

Strategies to reduce drug-related harm: responding to the evidence base
Louisa Degenhardt, Daniel Wolfe, Wayne Hall, Matthew Hickman, Judy Chang, Julie Bruneau, Michael Farrell, Paul Griffiths


Global patterns of opioid use and dependence: harms to populations, interventions, and future action
Louisa Degenhardt, Jason Grebely, Jack Stone, Matthew Hickman, Peter Vickerman, Brandon D L Marshall, Julie Bruneau, Frederick L Altice, Graeme Henderson, Afarin Rahimi-Movaghar, Sarah Larney

Public health implications of legalising the production and sale of cannabis for medicinal and recreational use
Wayne Hall, Daniel Stjepanović, Jonathan Caulkins, Michael Lynskey, Janni Leung, Gabrielle Campbell, Louisa Degenhardt

Responding to global stimulant use: challenges and opportunities
Michael Farrell, Natasha K Martin, Emily Stockings, Annick Bórquez, Javier A Cepeda, Louisa Degenhardt, Robert Ali, Lucy Thi Tran, Jürgen Rehm, Marta Torrens, Steve Shoptaw, Rebecca McKetin

New psychoactive substances: challenges for drug surveillance, control, and public health responses
Amy Peacock, Raimondo Bruno, Natasa Gisev, Louisa Degenhardt, Wayne Hall, Roumen Sedefov, Jason White, Kevin V Thomas, Michael Farrell, Paul Griffiths


Rebecca McKetin: global leader in methamphetamine research
Richard Lane