Welcome to the Ana Liffey Drug Project’s Strategic Plan for 2018-2020. The last number of years have seen significant and welcome changes in Ireland, both in terms of the general economic outlook for the country and in terms of broad drug policy trends.

The Ana Liffey Drug Project’s primary activity is to provide ‘low threshold - harm reduction’ services to people who use drugs. By low threshold, we mean that the barriers to availing of our services are kept as low as possible. By harm reduction, we mean that we seek to reduce the harm that drug use causes to individuals, families and communities. In addition to our direct services, we also perform advocacy and support roles at an organisational level in the addiction sector in Ireland and beyond.

We will work hard, we will work together internally as a unit and in partnership externally to achieve these goals and ensure that we continue to deliver on our mission to work with people affected by problem substance use and the organisations that assist them.