By Brun González

For a long time, there have been different social mechanisms for allowing leaving aside the conventional norms and enjoy various forms of artistic or creative expressions, sensory stimulation and limitations or regulations more flexible than in other contexts.

It is necessary to provide information about the various substances that can be found in festive environments, the implications of its use and the various harm reduction recommendations that may exist in order to prevent, or at least reduce, the negative health impacts each specific substance may cause.

In addition to information, it is important to have some way to introduce quality controls, or for testing and analyzing the substances that are thought to be consumed. In many cases, harm reduction initiatives include analysis with colorimetric reagents to detect the presence ­‐ or absence - of certain substances, and when possible, thin layer chromatography tests have been implemented as an option to corroborate the full content and breakdown of a specific sample (tablet, square of blotter paper, powder, crystal, etc.).

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