The UNODC Global Synthetics Monitoring: Analyses, Reporting and Trends (SMART) Programme enhances the capacity of Member States in priority regions to generate, manage, analyse, report and use synthetic drug information to design effective policy and programme interventions. Global SMART was launched in September 2008 and provides capacity-building to 11 countries in East and South-East Asia. In January 2011, operations expanded into the Americas. A review of the global ATS situation was issued in September 2011.

Each issue of the Update contains special coverage and thematic segments and as of the fourth issue (October 2010), the special segment has been enlarged to provide a more in-depth review of an issue that deserves particular attention. In the fourth issue, the Update highlighted the increasing dimension of ATS trafficking from Africa. In the fifth issue, the situation on ATS in South Asia was reviewed.  The special segment of the current issue reviews the latest developments on synthetic substances that are not under international control.

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