There is much misinformation and confusion about drugs in the public domain – but it is also a hot topic which always grabs the headlines. One of DrugScope’s key tasks is to provide good quality information and analysis which is up to date, evidence-based and non-judgemental. To this end, we view working positively with the media to be critical.

DrugScope is therefore very proud to present The media guide to drugs: key facts and figures for journalists. This new guide is intended to be a resource for journalists working across all media. The guide contains an A to Z of drugs, including information on what substances look like, how they are used, what effects they have and how many people use them. The essential Q&A section covers key topics such as how to find the latest statistics and how to avoid common myths. The guide also incorporates a discussion on reporting drug issues responsibly, non-sensationally and without contributing to the stigma faced by people with drug problems.