These Technical Briefs on Amphetamine-type stimulants (ATS) were produced by the World Health Organization Regional Office for the Western Pacificas a joint activity of the HIV/AIDS and STI and Mental Health and Injury Prevention Units. These were prepared in response to a demand by Member States and civil society for a tool to guide the response to the worldwide availability and use of ATS. The growing use of ATS is associated with the spread of HIV and hepatitis in diverse segments of the population, largely due to an increase in risk-taking behaviour and unsafe sex practices among users. The rising trend in injecting use of ATS is a further cause for concern. These briefs are a compilation of the most recent evidence on ATS use.

This technical brief reviews the patterns and consequences of psychostimulant use. The physiological, medical and psychological consequences of low- or high-dose as well as short- or long-term amphetamine use are described. Amphetamine dependence and the risks for HIV and hepatitis infections are also described.

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