IDPC Advocacy Note - Why is the Outcome of the UN Drug Policy Review so Weak and Inconclusive?

6 April 2009

Political representatives from over 130 countries gathered at a United Nations high level meeting in Vienna on 11th/12th March 2009 to conclude a 2-year long review of progress achieved within the global drug control system. Despite calls from other UN agencies and international civil society urging the CND to affirm its support for harm reduction measures, and to rebalance the drug control system towards a public health and human rights approach, the new Political Declaration simply reaffirms the commitments of the 1998 UNGASS - repeating illusionary pledges for a society 'free of drug abuse' and setting another 10-year target date to eliminate or reduce significantly the illicit cultivation of opium poppy, coca bush and cannabis plant. This briefing paper examines the procedural and institutional factors that we believe have contributed to such a weak and incoherent outcome.


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