Current perspectives on drug policy - Short course

Geneva Graduate Institute


Current perspectives on drug policy - Short course

5 April 2023
Geneva Graduate Institute

Since the adoption of the international drug control framework sixty years ago, drug production, demand and use have increased, reaching record highs every year since 2015 despite fierce repression. In the last 10 years, more and more countries started reviewing their approach to drugs while the international multilateral system has recognised the need to integrate drug policy within sustainable development objectives. Throughout this three-day immersive course, you will examine how drug control policies impact sustainable development and how it closely relates with public health and human rights.

Key Outcomes

  • Strengthen stakeholders mapping skills for better analysis of the different roles of Geneva and Vienna-based agencies in international processes
  • Negotiate and influence the design and the implementation of drug policies nationally and internationally
  • Gain insight into the key concepts and current issues related to the international drug control regime and its intersection with public health and human rights
  • Identify the stakeholders of the current drug policy debate and international processes
  • Prioritise public health based approaches to drug policy at national level

Who should apply?

Professionals who work in the area of policy making, public health and human rights including:

  • Parliamentarians
  • Government representatives from ministries of health, foreign affairs, justice, interior and drug control agencies
  • Representatives from international and regional institutions
  • Representatives from non-governmental organisations
  • Health attachés and diplomats with a portfolio linked to health, drug policy or human rights
  • Professionals in academia
Geneva, Switzerland
Start2 May 2023
End4 May 2023