UNGASS 2016 – The consensus holds, but only under protest


UNGASS 2016 – The consensus holds, but only under protest

4 May 2016
Axel Klein

From time to time, DrugWise will be featuring guest blogs. Our first one is from Dr Axel Klein from Kent University and Editor of Drugs and Alcohol Today.

  • Consensus on Outcome Documents and centrality of drug convention is reached, but big split between reformers and conservative states
  • Legalisation schemes continue to be rolled out across different countries in clear contravention of treaty stipulations
  • Increasing number of countries adopt death penalty and corporate punishment
  • US position puts unprecedented emphasis on treatment and alternative punishment
  • Detailed list of operational recommendations likely to result in funding proposals submitted to European Union
  • Role of international agencies like INCB and UNODC strengthened
  • Detailed critique of human rights violations, adverse impact on public health and development objectives remains unaddressed
  • Next meeting in 2019 likely to be more acrimonious

“The drug problem and its related evils transcend borders and affect citizens worldwide. Hence international cooperation towards an integrated and balanced strategy is required in order to counter them”, said Archbishop Bernadido Auza of the Holy See when addressing the UN General Assembly on Thursday, 21 of April.

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