Brazilian Senate will discuss the legalisation of cannabis


Brazilian Senate will discuss the legalisation of cannabis

19 February 2014

The proposition of a law project to legalize and regulate the recreational, medicinal and industrial use of Cannabis was presented at the Brazilian Senate this last Monday (17/02/2014) and will be coordinated by Senator Cristovam Buarque.

Senator Buarque affirmed in his speech at the Senate that this is a very important discussion and should be made with full participation of the society. He wants to analyse the risks involved, potential medicinal advantages and the impact of legalization in reducing the violence.

The Senator, who is seen in Brazil as a moderate, has a long career in politics and was exiled to France during the military dictatorship in Brazil, when he obtained a doctorate in economics by the University of Sorbonne. He was the Minister of Education for President Lula and candidate to the presidency of Brazil in 2006.

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