A workshop on study design, data generation and interviewing


A workshop on study design, data generation and interviewing

4 December 2012

On 16-19 November, 2012, TS Hub Kiev and Rumah Cemara conducted a workshop on Study Design, Data Generation and Interviewing for research teams from China, India, Indonesia, Kenya, and Malaysia, in Bali, Indonesia. The workshop was organized prior to the launch of operational studies that will be implemented by CAHR partner organisations in 2013 and was facilitated by Professor Tim Rhodes from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK and Doctor Alisa Pedrana from Burnet Institute, Australia.

The participants of the workshop had different experience in conducting qualitative studies. The group was very diverse: there were project managers, representatives from research institutions and field workers. For those who had not have any research experience before, it was “an eye opening workshop” (as stated in the evaluation forms), the participants from research institutions learnt how interventions targeting people who use drugs can benefit from qualitative studies. The future research teams from five countries had a chance to work together on their studies, discuss them in details and receive a feedback from their colleagues and facilitators.

The participants found the workshop very useful, saw its practical implication and highly evaluated the work of the facilitators.

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