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1 March 2012

Russia's retrograde stand on drug abuse

Russia now accounts for two thirds of the Eastern Europe and Central Asian H.I.V. epidemic, the fastest growing in the world, but refuses to adopt an evidence-based harm reduction approach to drug use.  
5 March 2012

OSI Budapest, Global Drug Policy Program - Program Assistant

The Open Society Foundations are looking for a Program Assistant to support the Global Drug Policy program (GDPp) and report to the Finance and Grants Officer. The post is based in Budapest, Hungary. The application deadline is March 22, 2012.
5 March 2012

India introduces methadone treatment for drug abusers

UNODC, in collaboration with the National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre of India, has opened the country's first methadone maintenance treatment centre at the Civil Hospital in Kapurthala, in the State of Punjab, to treat heroin and opioid addicts.
6 March 2012

Dutch move to ban sale of strong hashish cannabis

The Netherlands moved to ban the sale of potent hashish cannabis on Thursday, eroding 40 years of liberal drug policy, over fears that the proceeds were flowing to organised crime gangs.
7 March 2012

Call for Visiting Professor - CIDE, Mexico

CIDE's Región Centro campus, located in the city of Aguascalientes, Mexico, is calling for submissions for the position of Visiting Professor in the area of drug policy.
11 March 2012

AHRN Federation Steering Committee

As a part of the follow-up action to the AHRN's 2012-2016 adopted strategic plan and its new federation model, we are pleased to announce that Asian Harm Reduction Network (AHRN) will now be known as AHRN Federation. 
11 March 2012

Live debate: “It’s time to end the war on drugs”

A debate entitled “It’s time to end the war on drugs” will take place next Tuesday March 13th (7-8.30p.m. GMT) in London, and will be streamed live to hundreds of millions of people via YouTube.
11 March 2012

Joint UN Statement calls for the closure of compulsory drug detention and rehabilitation centers

Twelve United Nations entities have issued a Joined statement calling for the closure of compulsory drug detention and rehabilitation centers. The existence of such centers—which have been operating in many countries for the last 20 years—raises human rights issues and threatens the health of detainees, including through increased vulnerability to HIV and tuberculosis (TB) infection.
12 March 2012

Program Assistant - Andean Information Network

The Program Assistant will be responsible for collaboratively researching, writing and editing updates and reports issued by AIN; completing accounting duties; maintaining the Andean Information Network (AIN) website and social media pages; assisting with periodic grant requests and reports; as well as general office management.
18 March 2012

The Global Drug Survey results

Which drugs do people take? The Guardian/Mixmag survey is one attempt to explain the facts behind this controversial issue - which sees users claim that more of them use cannabis than energy drinks.
18 March 2012

Drugs Meter

Drugs meter is a website that provides immediate personalised feedback on your drug use.