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13 February 2012

Decriminalize drug use, new Canadian coalition urges

Canada needs to give up the war on drugs and start treating drug use as a health and social issue rather than something for the criminal justice system to deal with, according to the Canadaian Drug Policy Coalition.
13 February 2012

Sweden approves medical 'marijuana'

Medicinal cannabis is now available as a prescription medicine in Sweden after the Medical Products Agency (Läkemedelsverket) approved a cannabis-based mouth spray for the treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS).
16 February 2012

Thai Deputy Prime Minister seeks speedy killing of drug convicts

A legal study is underway at the order of Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yoobamrung to find out whether drug-related convicts on death row could be executed within 60 days after final verdicts have been reached, in an attempt to combat rampant drug dealing.
20 February 2012

Developing TB services for people who use drugs

EHRN is looking for a consultant to develop a training module in the framework of WHO funded project “Developing TB services for people who use drugs”. Please send you CV and short (half page) motivation letter to by February 29.
20 February 2012

Censorship and dirty needles fuel HIV/AIDS epidemic in Russia

A recent government crackdown on Russian media, particularly online information portals specialising in health tips and harm reduction methods for drug users, has sparked widespread public opposition, with critics claiming that the "draconian silencing" of public health advocates could worsen an already perilous health situation in the country.
21 February 2012

Government is to restrict drug laws in Hungary

The Orban-administration is very hostile to those minorities deemed to be deviant by the majority, for example homeless people and people who use drugs. The current Hungarian legislation is already one of the most restrictives in Europe.
24 February 2012

IDPC writes to Peruvian government about tragedy in Peru rehabilitation centre

This month, IDPC, the Washington Office on Latin America, the International Doctors for Healthy Drug Policies and Harm Reduction International wrote to Peruvian government officials to express our condolences for the recent tragedy at “Cristo es Amor” rehabilitation center last January and urge the government to adopt measures to protect people dependent on drugs against involuntary and inappropriate treatment.
28 February 2012

India biggest consumer of heroin in South Asia, reveals UN drug report

Contrary to the impression that India is being used as a transit point by international traffickers to smuggle Afghan heroin to both Europe and the US, the United Nations drug report, 2011, has said that India is the biggest consumer of heroin. Of the 40 tonnes produced in south Asia, nearly 17 tonnes are consumed in India, the biggest consumer in the region with the trade valued at $1.4 billion.