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3 October 2011

Important Global Fund update for Round 11

On 26 September, the Global Fund Board decided to revise the current estimated budget for Round 11 to no more than US$0.8 billion, and to delay the closing date to Round 11 proposals to 1 March 2012.
13 October 2011

Killing time in Medellin - Renewed violence in the Colombian city

After a few years of relative peace under the rule of a mafia boss, the Colombian city of Medellín, birthplace of the first great narco-trafficking cartel, has seen violent crime soar once again. The culprits are from a new generation of urban youth specializing in protection rackets, drug sales and assassinations.
13 October 2011

Drug law reform in Greece

The Greek government is in the process of reviewing its drug laws, which will notably include decriminalisation of drug use, depenalisation of supply, possession and cultivation of cannabis for personal use and the promotion of treatment for dependent users.