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28 March 2011

UK - 'New hub for importing cocaine'

Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain are the traditional routes for the drug’s entry to the EU, but the International Narcotics Control Board said there had been a recent surge in cases of the UK being used as point of entry.
28 March 2011

Bolivian President Evo Morales attacks drug reports

Bolivian president Evo Morales has accused the United States and the United Nations of conspiring to defame his government in two drug reports. He said criticism over Bolivia's handling of the war on drugs were part of a strategy to falsely link his government to drug trafficking.
28 March 2011

Mexican drug cartels move into Central America

Mexican drug cartels now operate virtually uninhibited in their Central American backyard. U.S.-supported crackdowns in Mexico and Colombia have only pushed traffickers into a region where corruption is rampant, borders lack even minimal immigration control and local gangs provide a ready-made infrastructure for organized crime.
29 March 2011

Count the costs: 50 years of the war on drugs

The war on drugs creates massive costs, resulting from the enforcement-led approach that puts organised crime in control of the trade. It is time to count these costs and explore the alternatives, using the best evidence available, to deliver a safer, healthier and more just world.
29 March 2011

22nd IHRA conference in Beirut - Take a stand for harm reduction and against ill-treatment

During the 22nd International Harm Reduction Association’s Annual International Conference in Beirut, Lebanon, activists will unite to show to the world that all human rights must be respected and protected. Participants will stand on one foot on a small square — unable to put down the other foot for fear of prosecution, punishment and death — demonstrating just how little room there is to manoeuvre for those who use illicit drugs.
30 March 2011

Brazil joins Bolivia anti-drug fight

Brazil has signed an agreement with Bolivia to tackle cocaine production and trafficking in the country. The deal comes weeks after US and UN reports said Bolivia was not doing enough to tackle cocaine production and trafficking. Bolivian President Evo Morales rejected those claims, accusing the US of falsely trying to link his government to drug trafficking.