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15 December 2010

'NGOs a vital link in fight against drugs', says UNODC Executive Director

During the appointment of the new chairperson of the Vienna NGO Committee on Drugs, Mr. Fedotov, the UNODC Executive Director, declared: "To tackle drugs, we need to keep constant contact with on the ground knowledge and expertise. Our main partner NGOs provide that context and support our work from the local to the global level".
15 December 2010

Youth RISE recruits volunteers for its 'International Working Group'

Youth RISE – the global youth-led network for reducing the risks and harms associated with substance use – is seeking volunteers from around the world to join their ‘International Working Group’ (IWG) in 2010. The deadline for applications is 27 December 2010.
15 December 2010

A War on Drugs: A War on People - Facebook Campaign!

Concerned by the proliferating number of human rights abuses that occur under the auspices of the war on drugs, the campaign draws attention to drug users, minorities, young people and other people caught in the cross fire. Each month, the page will highlight a different type of human rights abuse. Spread the word and join the movement!
17 December 2010

Asian launch of the Lancet Special Series on HIV in People Who Use Drugs

This Series draws attention to the issues around the growing HIV epidemic in people who use drugs, including tackling the myths surrounding HIV and people who use drugs, and subjects as diverse as women and drugs to the effect of amphetamines, alcohol, and human rights on the epidemic.