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24 August 2010

Call for papers: International Yearbook on Human Rights and Drug Policy

The International Centre on Human Rights and Drug Policy is calling for papers for the first Volume of The International Yearbook on Human Rights and Drug Policy, the first and only peer-reviewed journal focusing on human rights and drugs. The deadline for submissions for Volume 1 is 15th October 2010, but submissions are accepted on a rolling basis and later accepted submissions will be included in Volume 2.
24 August 2010

Call for letters of intent - drug policy initiatives in Asia

The Global Drug Policy program of the Open Society Institute is pleased to announce a call for letters of intent from organisations active or interested in drug policy reform in Asia. The deadline for submissions is Friday, 17th September 2010.
25 August 2010

The human face: TNI/WOLA video series on drugs and prison in Latin America

This series of videos features people who have endured harsh and disproportionate sentences for drug-related crimes. The videos are part of a TNI/WOLA study investigating the prison systems of eight countries in Latin America. These personal stories illustrate the unjust impact of current drug laws on the most vulnerable individuals of society.
25 August 2010

Cannabis legalisation gaining favour in Mexico

In August 2010, Mexican President Felipe Calderon declared that he would support a national debate on the legalisation of illicit drugs, reversing his previous stance on the subject. He then underscored that he did not favour legalisation, particularly while the US and the international community maintained their prohibitionist approach. Nevertheless, Calderon's call is significant and has sparked intense discussions on drugs in the country.