Stimulus Conference 2023



Stimulus Conference 2023

16 May 2023

Stimulus 2023 is a two-and-a-half day event scheduled October 5-7, 2023 in beautiful Ottawa, Ontario. We expect to welcome 1,500 people whose expertise includes substance use experts, nurses, social workers, physicians, corrections staff, frontline workers, people involved in sex work, researchers, and other key stakeholders from across Canada.

The event will be the largest national harm reduction and drug policy gathering in Canada and is being held at the Shaw Conference Centre in downtown Ottawa.

In addition to the conference we expect over 25 satellite events. Satellite events are held by other organizations or collaborations and are scheduled in conjunction to the Stimulus 2023 conference. These satellites can be workshops, art installations, advocacy actions, meetings, tours, or any activities that want to take advantage of many of us in the same space. If you are interested in hosting a satellite please email the Stimulus staff.

Stimulus acknowledges that there are two public health crisis in Canada. People continue to die at alarming rates from accidental poisoning from a toxic illegal drug market and the work to protect the health and safety of those who use drugs must continue. We watched a range of Canadian governments respond to COVID19 and wish a similar level of response was taking place to save the lives of people at risk of drug policy deaths in Canada.

Stimulus is not considered a regular conference. People with current or recent experience of using criminalized drugs are experts. Harm reductionists and people who use drugs hold a range of leadership roles in planning, implementing and evaluating this event. We strive to have the most accessible, interactive and safe event possible. There will be a call for scholarship applications and for interest in volunteering, presenting and facilitating. We look forward to seeing you next October!

Ottawa, Canada
Start5 October 2023
End7 October 2023