CND & CCPCJ briefing for newcomers in the NGO Community


CND & CCPCJ briefing for newcomers in the NGO Community

6 July 2022

For the first time the Secretariat is organizing a “Briefing for Newcomers” held jointly for the NGO community and the PNI Network. The briefing is, inter alia, directed at NGO representatives who recently joined VNGOC and/or the Alliance and are not yet familiar with the Vienna-based Commissions. It aims at providing them with information on the follow-up processes to the Kyoto Declaration, the Ministerial Declaration 2019 and the next opportunities for NGOs to engage.

The briefing will

  • Provide participants with a brief introduction into the work of the Commissions and an update on the state of the follow-up processes to major conferences conducted by both Commissions
  • Show participants the two new eLearning Tools developed by the Secretariat to facilitate the follow-up processes to the 2019 CND Ministerial Declaration and the 2021 Kyoto Declaration
  • Inform participants about the plans for the second half of 2022, and
  • Provide an opportunity for Q&A on the follow-up processes.

Register here to receive the link to participate.

Date13 July 2022


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