The SA Drug Policy Week is the premier drug policy event in Africa. Due to COVID-19, the 2020 Policy Week and 2021 Policy Week have not taken place. While there have been numerous webinars and virtual events, none has filled the South African Drug Policy Week agenda. An expanded African Policy Week is planned for late 2022, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event may need to be postponed again.As an interim measure and to keep the debate alive, SA Drug Policy at TB HIV Care and SANPUD, with financial support from UNODC, OSF and the Love Alliance, are holding the African Policy Day on the fourth of February 2022.

The event will be attended by diverse stakeholders and influencers in the African Drug Policy context. It will provide the space for determining common agendas and introducing a wide range of ideas and critical discussion points to the attendees. The event will be a virtual production, taking the form of a television broadcast. Two sessions will be coordinated from a studio with a host, Africa Melane, facilitating the panel discussions. Africa will be supported by a technical producer to control the technology and a moderator who will collate comments and coordinate questions from people watching the event and feed these via an on screen ticker-tape to the panelists.