As per the workplan agreed upon on 24th June 2019, thematic discussions will take place every autumn during the period between 2019-22, addressing the challenges identified by the taking stock paragraph of the 2019 Ministerial Declaration.

Accordingly, on 19-21 october, the Commission on Narcotic Drugs will meet to discuss the following three elements of the 2019 Ministerial Declaration’s “Taking Stock” paragraph:

a. Thematic session 1: Increasing links between drug trafficking, corruption and other forms of organized crime, including trafficking in persons, trafficking in firearms, cybercrime and money-laundering and, in some cases, terrorism, including money-laundering in connection with the financing of terrorism, are observed (19 October 2021)

b. Thematic session 2: The value of confiscated proceeds of crime related to money-laundering arising from drug trafficking at the global level remains low (20 October 2021)

c. Thematic session 3: The criminal misuse of information and communications technologies for illicit drug-related activities is increasing (21 October 2021).

Civil society participation

As it has been the case in previous occasions, it is expected that civil society representatives will have the opportunity to speak to each one of the themes addressed by the thematic sessions. We will update this page with that information as soon as it is made available.