Online workshop - Tuesday 3rd August 2021 | 3pm (Skopje) / 4pm (Kiev)

In October 2021, an exciting new resource will be launched: the Global Drug Policy Index (GDPI). The Index will score and rank countries on how their national drug policies align with the international best practice in terms of health, criminal justice, access to medicines, and development.

In its first year, the GDPI will focus on 30 selected countries from all around the world. For each country, data from more than 60 indicators will feed into the overall score – and local civil society partners will be supported to use the results in their advocacy work.

As we prepare for the global launch, IDPC, ENPUD and EHRA invite their members and other allies involved in drug policy advocacy to come and learn more about the Index. This online workshop will explain the GDPI project and methodology, prepare participants for the launch, and provide space for discussion and questions.

The workshop will last for 90 minutes, followed by dedicated breakout group discussions for partners from selected GDPI countries: Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia and North Macedonia.

Recording in Russian

(Slideshow & recording also available here

Recording in English

(Slideshow & recording also available here