We invite you to join the Rome Consensus 2.0 and Support Don't Punish online event on Wednesday, June 23rd at 4 PM (CET). The event is part of the World Drug Day 2021 initiatives promoted by the Rome Consensus' partnership under the theme of Support Don’t Punish, to explore what this means across different continents. Seven speakers from Lebanon, Canada, Nigeria, Thailand, USA, Australia and Ukraine will discuss about access to treatment; stigmatization and criminalization of people who use drugs; deflection and pre-arrest diversion programs.

You can join the event by registering here

Opening remarks by Dr. Massimo Barra, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies IFRC special envoy for Health and Rome COnsensus 2.0 Co-Chair (Italy)

Moderated by Benjamin Levenson, Founder & Chairman at The Levenson Foundation & Rome Consensus 2.0 Co-Chair (USA)

Elie Aaraj - MENAHRA Executive Director, The Middle East and North Africa Harm Reduction Association (Lebanon)

Elliot Pinsly - Behavioral Health Foundation President & CEO; PTACC The Police, Treatment and Community Collaborative International Strategy Area Co-Chair (USA)

Greg Chipp - Drug Policy Australia, Director (Australia)

Melissa Peters- Med. Education Program Coordinator & Harm Reduction Specialist, University of Alberta, Institute for Sexual Minority Studies & Services (Canada)

Oluseyi Kehinde - Co-Director, YouthRISE Nigeria (Nigeria)

Somsri Tantipaibulvut - Chief of Psycho Social and Behavioral Group - The Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre (Thailand)

Iuliia Paskevska - Head of Association of Psychological Assistance Specialist & Human Rights expert (Ukraine)