The Ghana Narcotics Commission Act 2020, Act 1019 represents an essential example for drug policy reform advocacy in West Africa. However, we have seen drug production and trafficking skyrocket, which offers further evidence that 'tough-on-drugs' laws do not work, hence the need for a paradigm shift towards humane drug policies that place people and communities first.

Join our speakers on Thursday, June 24 at the University of Ghana School of Law Auditorium for the Global Day of Action 2021 / Support. Don't Punish. Forum to discuss critical issues about the new law of Ghana and explore strategies in its proper implementation as a country. We will also LAUNCH an Annual Memorial Lectures in honour of Kofi Annan on Drug Policy Reform.


Prof. Edward S. Ayensu - Scientist, Former Chairman of CSIR Ghana

Mr. Dela Attiekesse - Co-founder & MD of Africa Software Soulutions Ltd.

Dr. Mary Eyram Ashinyo - Public Health Physician

Prof. K. Appiagyei-Atua - Associate Professor, University of Ghana School of Law

Hon Seth Acheampong - Regional Minister, Eastern Region