Launch of the special edition of the Harm Reduction Journal

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Launch of the special edition of the Harm Reduction Journal

22 October 2020

Harm Reduction in Europe is confronted with new developments and challenges. The provision of HR services is inadequate in many countries, especially in the eastern part and the situation is deteriorating in countries with traditionally good coverage. Combatting viral hepatitis remains to be one of the health priorities for PWIDs, requiring the involvement of HR services in the cascade of care. The number of overdose deaths continues to grow. Drug use and drug use patterns have changed: the use of cocaine, stimulants and synthetic drugs is increasing and HR services need to extend the focus on different groups: marginalised and recreational drug users, aging drug users, homeless people and adapt services accordingly.

This session will launch a thematic series in the Harm Reduction Journal , which seeks to examine where harm reduction is as philosophy, policy and practice in 2020 in the broader European regions. The collected articles cover a variety of topics, including the funding crisis for harm reduction in Central and Eastern Europe, the specific needs of women, Hepatitis C, prison-related needs and challenges, innovations in treatment, the role of civil society in policy development and monitoring, New Psychoactive Substance and the impact of Covid-19 on harm reduction services.

Editor-in Chief Harm Reduction Journal
Prof. Nick Crofts

Guest Editors
Katrin Schiffer, Correlation- European Harm Reduction Network
Eberhard Schatz, Correlation – European Harm Reduction Network
Ghanna Dovbakh, European Harm Reduction Association

Welcome and Introduction
Prof. Nick Crofts

Thematic introduction
Katrin Schiffer , C-EHRN
Ghanna Dovbakh, EHRA

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Start5 November 2020
End5 November 2020

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