Decolonization, Collective Liberation & Intersectional Solidarity


Decolonization, Collective Liberation & Intersectional Solidarity

2 July 2020

By Psychedelic Seminars

Part 2 of a series on Psychedelic Community & Racial Justice.

The killing of George Floyd has once again put the spotlight on the ongoing systemic issues of racial injustice, police violence, and criminalization of marginalized BIPOC communities. The psychedelic community must stand in solidarity with wider activism for collective liberation, including and extending far beyond ending the war on drugs.

Where do we go from here? How do we build a better, more equitable and caring future?

How do we embody decolonization at the individual and collective level? On “Independence Day,” we’ll offer a roadmap via the intersections of Indigenous rights, intergenerational healing, and environmental, migrant, and racial justice.

Each utilizing a harm reduction lens, join psychedelic psychotherapist Danielle Herrera, decarceration strategist Paula Kahn, somatic practitioner Camille Barton, and community educator Mohawk Greene as moderator.

Camille Barton (they/them) is an artist, writer and somatic educator, working on the intersections of wellness, drug policy and transformative justice.

Paula Kahn (she/they) is Decarceration Strategist at Freedom for Immigrants and co-founder of Cosmovisiones Ancestrales, a pan-indigenous mutual aid collective that advocates for indigenous rights and environmental justice.

Danielle M. Herrera, MA, MFT (she/her), is a mixed-indigenous Harm Reduction Psychotherapist with Harm Reduction Therapy Center on their community programs team in San Francisco and a Psychedelic Psychotherapist with Sage Institute in Oakland, the first ever low-fee/sliding-scale psychedelic therapy clinic prioritizing access to those with historical inaccess to psychedelic integration and medicines.

Mohawk Greene (they/them) is an Outreach Coordinator for DanceSafe, President of New York DanceSafe, and the Technical Program Manager at NEXT Distro.

Full recording available here.